Garibaldi: 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy

Inaugurated by Italian Member of Parliament, Alessandra Siragusa

2nd of June - 28th of August 2011
In memory of the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy, the Art Museum of Chianciano staging an important exhibition.

Works of Tiepolo, Luca Giordano, Munch , Dali’, Schfano and Andy Warhol will leave space for the exhibition of the Unification of Italy. it is not an altogether easy show, but a realistic mirror of the times evoking thought and meditation.
The Museum’s intention is not only to remind you of those who contributed to the unification. Garibaldi is represented through 40 original prints of drawings made by international artists following the the troops ,  illustrating the battles and the most important accomplishments for their respective newspapers as photo-reporters of their time.

News Reportage and interview with Italian MP Alessandra Siragusa

General Garibaldi and Vittorio Emanuele at Teano 
The exhibition aims to emphasize on all those who, through their sacrifice in war, as well as in peace, have contributed to maintain and reinforce the union, 
The Judges Falcone and Borselino will be remembered through a sensitive exhibition of paintings made by the children of Palermo, just after the assassinations of these brave servants of the State. Whilst visiting the exhibition you can also view documentaries of our soldiers perished in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.
You will pass the coffins of the heroes, mostly unknown to the public at large, that lost their lives far away from the homeland, on duty serving all of us.