Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - "Femmes"

15th of July to the 30th of August 2012

An exhibition of selected lithographs that shed light on the talent and on the contemporary nature of this great French Master. This collection of lithographs was published in collaboration with the Toulouse-Lautrec Society and The Times of London.

Lautrec, distancing himself from the traditional Impressionists who traditionally used no preparatory sketches in their works, used lines as the primary element of the artistic composition. Across a courageous and innovative style, Lautrec provoked a stylistic revolution.

While the Impressionists concentrated on the research of light and therefore neglecting the human form, Lautrec embraced the personality behind the subject and the relationship between people and psychology. The interaction between behaviour and environment without prejudice or judgement is a significant element in his work.

In this exhibition, the female figure is represented alone and in the most intimate of settings. The artist displays women as they are in their natural form; in their bedrooms, dressing rooms or private areas, as thought they were being observed by a fly on the wall and this is the unusual perspective that has added to the uniqueness and interest of Lautrec’s work.