The 21st Century face of Medieval Chianciano

Chianciano returns to the beauty of the Medici Period

Roberto Gagliardi has acquired almost the entire central square in the 12th Century hill town that is Chianciano Terme. This town has a long history as an important health Centre from the days of the Etruscans, Romans and medieval city states. 

Over the last 20 years, the oldest part of Chianciano has had difficulty to progress. Shops are closed and, due to an unfavorable housing market and global economical crisis, much of the commercial properties in the quaint 12th Century center have been neglected. The old piazza is historically the most important part of town, conquered by the Medici family of Florence after being under the control of Siena for 200 years.

Matteotti square will have a rebirth with activities and exhibitions organised by Roberto and Peter Gagliardi. There will be educational spaces related to science and the evolution of man, impressive collections of medieval armour, art shows, ancient artifacts, wine tasting and much more. An astronomy center equipped with telescopes and a 3D projection area will also be part of the activities.

The restoration works have already begun and the ancient square will regain its beauty and intrigue that it had 1000 years ago. In an interview Roberto Gagliardi said "this is a huge project. Italy's medieval and cultural history deserves close attention from public and private entities alike"

The project of ten different locations is currently under way and is an exciting step for Chianciano and for art as a whole.

A grotto before the restoration...

...The same grotto, today.